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08/10/2014, and this time I mean it.

Wanted - Niam one shot

So I did a short Niam oneshot a little while ago, and I never posted it up. So here we go:

A/N: Extremely fluffy. Really, really cute.

Warnings: Eh… a few swear words. That’s it.


It had been a very, very long day for Liam. So long, in fact, that Liam was seriously considering just going into the flat and crashing in bed. The interviews, the fans and pictures, the meeting with management all seemed to tire Liam out. Niall was given the day off, the lucky goof, and Liam was finally happy to just get home and get to sleep. But, he couldn’t do that, because he promised to watch a movie with his boyfriend. It was planned out days ago, and Liam couldn’t justify breaking that promise when Niall was so excited about it in the first place. Would it really matter if he were to fall asleep during the movie, though? Fumbling with the keys in his hand, he unlocked the door and stepped inside to see that the flat was darker than it should have been. That should have been Liam’s first clue.

                “Nialler? I’m home…” he called out, slipping his tired feet out of his shoes and pulling his jacket off to hang it up at the door. When there was no answer, he sighed, stepping into the flat and around to the living room, where a small amount of light had been coming from. He wanted to turn the light on, but he was drawn to the light coming from the couch, and his eyes widened to see Niall there. At first, he thought that maybe Niall was sleeping, but as he got closer, Liam’s face paled and his eyes widened. He wasn’t sleeping, he was crying. He was crying hard. Every step he took was harder, but much easier at the same time as he made his way to Niall, taking a gentle seat next to the smaller lad. “Niall… love… what’s wrong?” he asked, scooting closer to him. He looked down to see Niall’s shaking hands over the laptop keyboard, and his eyes traveled up to the screen.

On a site Liam had never seen before, Niall was sitting at the bottom of a page, his cursor over a reply button and he was obviously about to say something. As Liam looked up at the messages above the reply button, he couldn’t help but shake his head. There were some sick-minded, cruel and heartless people out there.

                “Niall you are a fucking dick. Maybe you should leave the band and do the rest of us a favour by killing yourself.”

                “Hahahaha! I hate the blonde one so much!”

                “Oh god Niall sucks at singing. At least the other four have TALENT.”

                “All he does is get drunk and screw things up. He’s not even that good at guitar, so I don’t see why they keep him around.”

                “Katy Perry was just being nice when they let him through.”

                “No one wants him around anyway. He’s ugly and kind of stupid. Niall really just worthless.”

                “He doesn’t deserve to be in the band. So many other BETTER people could have had his spot.”

                “Niall, if you are reading this, just remember that NO ONE FUCKING LIKES YOU. Harry and Louis are in love with each other and Zayn and Liam are too busy with each other. Liam definitely hates your guts, and Zayn thinks you are pathetic. I hate you so much and I want you to die. Please do us all a kindness and leave for good. No one cares about you. Good bye.”

                At that last one, Liam looked back up to Niall, who was still shaking, crying… He couldn’t bear to see Niall like this anymore. “Niall… none of it is true… it is so not true…” He had never once seen Niall like this, since every time he received hate, he was so good at just brushing it off as nothing. That was the carefree personality that Liam loved, but right now, it was getting to him. Liam didn’t know what to do anymore.

                “Then w-w-why are there so fucking many of them!” he said in a whispering shout, his voice broken and his expression just so lost. Reaching over, Liam turned on the lamp and gently pulled Niall’s laptop off his lap, shutting it and setting it aside. Niall didn’t fight Liam, and the moment he could, Liam wrapped his arms around Niall’s waist and pulled him closely to him, hugging the male for dear life. “Li… they all hate m-me…” he whispered.

                “Shh… It’s not true. None of it is true…” Liam said, his fingers holding tightly onto Niall’s shirt and his other hand pressed onto Niall’s head, holding the male tightly against his chest and shoulders. “Come here…” he said, and Liam moved so Niall could sit in his lap. Niall was still crying, his chest shaking and trembling hard against Liam. It brought tears to Liam’s eyes to see Niall so broken like this, but he needed to be strong for Niall. He had to be. “I love you…” he whispered, pressing his lips to Niall’s forehead and leaving them there for quite some time. Against his pale, delicate skin, Liam whispered the same thing again. “I love you so much…”

                He continued to rock Niall gently, his kisses moving around Niall’s face. Every time a new tear formed, Liam was ready to catch it with his thumb or ever his lips. He kissed the tears away, and just kept showing Niall how much he loved him and cared for him. He cooed and shushed him, trying to calm Niall down. It seemed to be working as Niall’s breathing slowed down and the shaking stopped. “Thank you Liam…” Niall said softly against Liam’s shoulder, not moving one bit. Liam didn’t want him to move, and he would have kept Niall there all night long if he could have. “I love you too…”

                A moment or two passed, and Liam whispered to Niall that he would be right back. Although Niall seemed to be against the idea of getting off his boyfriend’s lap, he did so anyway and Liam got up. As quickly as he could, he came back with Niall’s guitar. He surveyed his options, and he chose to kneel down on the ground in front of Niall who had pulled his knees up to his chest, holding onto them tightly. Niall looked a little confused as he watched Liam tune up the guitar quickly. He wasn’t nearly as proficient at it as Niall was, but he knew just enough to get the strings in tune without using a tuner. “Li… What are you doing?”

                “Just bear with me, alright?” he said gently, moving the capo on the guitar to adjust the key of the song. “So… I saved this for a rainy day like today… and although it’s really not ready, I thought that you could use this tonight…”

                Clearing his throat, he started to strum the guitar, fumbling over the chords just a little bit. Once he got a good rhythm going, and once he felt ready to sing, he started.

You know I’d fall apart without you

I don’t know how you do what you do.                        

‘Cause everything that don’t make sense about me

Makes sense when I’m with you”

                Liam looked up the best he could to see Niall’s jaw drop. Niall had been on and off teaching Liam guitar, and well, Liam had been working on this one for a while.

“Like everything that’s green, boy, I need you

But it’s more than one and one makes two

Put aside the math and the logic of it

You gotta know you’re wanted too.”

                He could see Niall’s hand travel to his mouth, and his eyebrows shifted on his face. Liam continued, watching his fingers as he went.

“‘Cause I wanna wrap you up,

Wanna kiss your lips

I, I wanna make you feel wanted.

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it.

Yeah, I, I wanna make you feel wanted”

                He meant those words so deeply. He wanted Niall to feel loved and wanted, because he was so loved. He was so wanted.

“Anyone can tell you you’re pretty

And you get that all the time, I know you do

But your beauty is deeper than the makeup

And I wanna show you what I see tonight when

I wrap you up,

when kiss your lips

I, I wanna make you feel wanted.

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it.


‘Cause baby I, I wanna make you feel wanted”

Even though he hardly knew the chords, and he could barely sing and play, the passion to get this song across to Niall took over, and he closed his eyes, singing it with all he had. Niall needed to know the truth.

“As good as you make me feel, I wanna make you feel better

Better than your fairy tales, better than your best dreams

You’re more than everything I need

You’re all I ever wanted. All I ever wanted…

And just I wanna wrap you up,

Wanna kiss your lips

I, I wanna make you feel wanted.

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it.

Yeah, I, I wanna make you feel wanted

Baby, I, I wanna make you feel… wanted

‘Cause you’ll always be wanted…”

                Liam looked up to see Niall’s hand still pressed against his lips, and now, more tears cascaded down his cheeks. Feeling himself worry, Liam pulled the guitar gently off his lap and set it against the chair next to the couch. Moving to the couch, Niall nearly jumped into his lap again, hugging him so tightly and quickly that it caught Liam off guard. He felt the tears on Niall’s face, but before he could say anything, Niall was kissing him. He kissed Niall back, pulling back to breathe and to see Niall’s face. “Shh… No more crying…” Liam said as the two of them hugged again.

                “They’re happy tears, Li… Happy tears…” he said, laughing gently and kissing Liam’s cheek. Relief came over Liam and he held onto his boyfriend tightly. “Thank you so much… That… That was perfect… I love you. I love you so much more than anything…”

                “I love you too…” Liam whispered. And it was the truth.


Alright! Thanks for reading!! :) Tell me what you think!

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